Route selection and pipeline design for a 50 MWe power plant in Sabalan, Iran

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Titill: Route selection and pipeline design for a 50 MWe power plant in Sabalan, IranRoute selection and pipeline design for a 50 MWe power plant in Sabalan, Iran
Höfundur: Ghaderi, Iraj ; Jarðhitaskóli Háskóla Sameinuðu þjóðanna
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10802/6566
Útgefandi: United Nations University; Orkustofnun
Útgáfa: 2007
Ritröð: United Nations University., UNU Geothermal Training Programme, Iceland. Report ; 2007-7
Efnisorð: Jarðhiti; Orkuver; Íran
ISSN: 1670-7427
Tungumál: Íslenska
Tengd vefsíðuslóð: http://www.os.is/gogn/unu-gtp-report/UNU-GTP-2007-07.pdf
Tegund: Bók
Gegnir ID: 991006591679706886
Athugasemdir: Í : Geothermal training in Iceland 2007, s. 111-144.Myndefni: kort, línurit, töflur
Útdráttur: The Sabalan geothermal field is a high-temperature area under development in Iran. Geothermal exploration was started in 1975 by the Ministry of Energy of Iran. After the 1979 revolution in Iran, it was stopped, and then started again in 1998 by SUNA – the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran. Three deep exploration wells and two shallow reinjection wells were drilled in the period 2002 to 2004 at three sites A, B and C. In addition, preparation was begun for drilling two new sites, D and E. The area is about 16 km southeast of the town of Meshkinshahr. It is expected that there is an overall potential for generation of about 200 MWe over the greater prospect area. SKM (main consultants 1998-2006) assesses that commercial geothermal power generation can be achieved at Sabalan at a levelised cost of electricity of less than 5 USD/kWh. SUNA is planning to drill thirteen new wells, and subsequently build a 50 MWe power plant. As the first part of this project, SUNA will build a pilot power plant in order to confirm that a geothermal power plant can be operated in Iran. Moshanir was the consultant for civil work from 1998-2006. Since 2006, Moshanir was selected as a main consultant for the geothermal field. In this report, a power plant capacity of 50 MWe at site A is assumed, with steam from production wells on pads D and A, and brine water reinjection at wells on pads B and C. Pipelines will be designed for each line of the two phases, steam and brine water, and the best route based on the minimum cost will be discussed. Finally a layout plan for a power plant and the necessary buildings at site A will be proposed.


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