Youth. College Students 16 to 20 years - Education, culture, leisure, sports activities and future vision among college youth in Iceland

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The Icelandic Ministry of
Education and Culture. Translated from Icelandic. [Introduction] Research on the life and circumstances of children and adolescents is the
prerequisite for successful policy making in that field. The Icelandic Ministry of
Education, Science and Culture has since 1992 supported such research under the
name Icelandic Youth. 1999 saw the start of collaboration with Icelandic Centre for
Social Research and Analysis (ICSRA - Rannsoknir & greining) and the Ministry,
Reykjavik University and ICSRA now hold an agreement on youth research among
elementary schools and colleges, more specifically among 10 years to 20 years old
students and among all years in college until the year 2016. In addition, the Ministry
also supports research among young people who are not studying. With this research,
the ministry has ensured that a number of parties can analyze comprehensive and
comparable data on the circumstances of children and adolescents. As demands for
research based policy formulation have been rapidly increasing, those working on the
affairs of Iceland’s youth have leveraged the outcomes of this research work, but all
these research make it possible to compare country areas and periods.
ICSRA works with a multitude of partners as the support of the Ministry has meant
that nearly all municipalities in Iceland take to some extent advantage of information
from the research in their policymaking and in direct and indirect actions when it
comes to their youth. When the research Icelandic Youth is discussed, then it is proper
to stress the tremendously good collaboration with school management, teachers and
students in the elementary schools and colleges of Iceland. Their contributions and
help in presenting the questionnaires in the past years have made it possible to
implement such extensive gathering of data as the research Icelandic Youth has been.
The information gathered in this way become a practically priceless tool for those
working on the affairs of children and teenagers, and the outcomes have shown that
this work has yielded very good results.
This research report contains an abstract of the outcomes of research that was
conducted in the years 2007 among students in colleges in Iceland. The data was
gathered with questionnaire surveys in 2007, and this abstract was made by ICSRA at
the request of the ministry in the spring of 2010. In the questionnaires, the attention
was on a great number of factors in the lives of these students. Since this research
began in Iceland, data has been gathered that gives a clear picture of the circumstances, wellbeing, health and social situation of youth. The focus is on the
relations between student and their parents and family, on the relations with peers and
friends, and their ideas and angle on the studies and school. In addition to that, work
along with studies is dealt with among college students, as well as diet, exercise and
mental condition, both among family and friends, and the peers and at school. Also
loneliness and bullying, social activities, participation in sports, and about various
leisure activities among older students, such as going to coffee houses, parties, and
entertainment culture; about bands, concerts and theatre; about reading and writing
poetry, and much more. In the year 2000, the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science
and Culture in collaboration with ICSRA, did also conduct research among college
students, as well as the years 2004 and 2007. This report focuses on comparing with
the surveys from 2000 and 2004, but one can regard the survey Icelandic Youth as
being a direct continuation of those.
In the past years, the staff of ICSRA has serviced many associations and unions,
for instance sports clubs and youth associations, municipalities and public
organizations, with dependable extraction and interpretation of data in numerous
fields of research.
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