A laboratory study of the interaction between supercritical, shallow flows and dams

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dc.date.issued 2003
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dc.description Myndefni: myndir línurit is
dc.description.abstract We report on a series of laboratory experiments to study the detecting and retarding effect of avalanche defence measures. We find that incompressible, shallow-layer shock dynamics can be used to describe the interaction of high Froude number, steady, dense, granular flows with obstacles, such as detecting and catching dams. Stationary, oblique shocks are formed in the interaction of the flows with detecting dams, while a travelling bore is formed upstream of a catching dam when none of the flow over-tops the dam. As the height of the dam is lowered compared with the depth of the approaching flow, the bore slows down and finally the flow jumps ballistically over the dam and a shock is not formed upstream of the dam en
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dc.title A laboratory study of the interaction between supercritical, shallow flows and dams en
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